Identification note: also some loose pieces of luggage; 'R. Michell' written on bottom of some of the figures

Summary: figure; Chinese; finely carved wood (possibly sandalwood); woman in kimono seated, head on hand, at small desk with small pot and pen, holding a 'bat' with writing/drawing on both sides; height 10cm, base 6 x 6.5cm

Summary: figure; as above; man pulling a rickshaw with a woman and child inside; piece of nearside mudguard broken off; height 10.5cm, width 5cm, depth 16.5cm

Summary: figure; as above; man pushing a cart with a man, woman and luggage on it; object held in man's hand broken off; height 9.3cm, base 12.2 x 5.2cm

Summary: figure; as above; two men carrying a woman in an oriental type of sedan chair, with a trunk on back; height 14 cm, base 25 x 4.8 cm

Summary: figure; four men carrying an ornate sedan chair with a man inside; pieces of twine on handles, possibly previously held luggage; small ball hanging from one corner of roof (other three missing?); height 13.5cm (approx), base 30.2 x 16.5cm

Summary: figure; man in Chinese dress; long stick resting on right shoulder; height 10 cm, base 4.5 x 4.5cm

Summary: figure; two figures; standing male figure with outstretched arms; seated figure in long robes holding a dish; some colouring on shoes; rectangular base; good condition; height 9 cm, base 7 x 5cm