Content summary: grey flying boat G-ADHL 'Canopus' on blue waves; brown/yellow motor launch no. AMC2 flying blue ensign approaching from left; quay and steaming ship in left background; four gulls flying near plane

Identification note: features a C-Class Sunderland flying boat in which the pilot Arthur Hooper brought Harry Hopkins (President Roosevelt's envoy) to Britain in 1941, landing in Poole Harbour, to negotiate the Lend-Lease agreement. Apparently the dish was presented to Harry Hopkins by the Company [assumed Poole Pottery] on his departure, presumably through the British Overseas Airways Corporation repection centre which during the war occupied part of the showroom block. An address was presented with the dish reading as follows: 'To Mr Harry Hopkins who landed at the ancient Port of Poole On January 9 1941 on what may prove to the most important mission in the history of democracy, and who left England for America from the same port on February 10 1941. This piece of Poole Pottery, representing the chief industry of the town, is presented with great respect by the makers'. (Information found in the Arthur Bradbury information file.)

Summary: dish; hand-painted with picture of flying boat Canopus (G-ADHL) and launch (AMC2) and 'Port of Poole Empire Airways 1940'; blue/yellow rim; inscription on back 'This dish was made and painted at the Poole Pottery in the year 1940/ Ship designed by Arthur Bradbury, painted by Ruth Pavely'; three holes in base for hanging

Summary: white matt glazed earthenware; hand-painted with picture of flying boat 'Canopus' in Poole Harbour and 'Port of Poole Empire Airways 1940'; blue/green/yellow concentric rings around picture; yellow/blue rim; circular; deep, flattening out towards rim; inscription on base with clear over-glaze; designed by Arthur Bradbury, painted by Ruth Pavely